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dog walker in Milton Keynes

From the age of 17 I started working with greyhounds, training them for races, rehabilitating injuries and looking after the retired racing dogs. Every dog to me, whether a top class racer or retired 7 year old looking for a loving home, was equally cared for. I worked in this industry for many years before my main job took over.

I've missed working with dogs in my every day life and having my own dog has made me realise that my passion lies in caring for animals and giving them the love and attention they deserve. Throughout my experience with dogs, I have come across all types of canine personalities from the timid to the brave, learning every animal needs to be treated as an individual.

My wife and I own a Retriever/Collie cross dog called Monty, 3 cats - George, Tabs and Bert - and a tankful of fish who are treated as though they are family. Every animal in my care is treated as though they are my own and your pet will be no exception. 

Dog walker in Milton Keynes

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If you need a dog walker in Milton Keynes or someone to pop in on your pets, call David on 07538 952366 or drop me a line below.